RE: making imports tests

The test editor does not fully support imports.

It does support
3.9. Import Level Tests

but it does not support
3.8. Import Entailment Tests

I have a feeling you might be after a non-imports non-entailment test or
See the treatment of imports-002.

To install and run the editor read

for details (also INSTALL). I suspect it comes from a different world from
your world. (tomcat required).
What it does for you is a vairety of simple checks.

However I should update the file download.tgz (which is really intended for
people without CVS access to W3CCVS).
I suspect you could (if sufficiently motivated) manage without.

> "Each directory should contain tests numbered consecutively from 001."

Oh dear, that's wrong, imports is like that but some of the others (e.g.
description-logic) are not. Let's strike "consecutively".


Received on Thursday, 29 May 2003 11:21:06 UTC