Re: comments on OWL test cases

>This all seems perfectly clear to me, and
>doesn't require any changes to any documents - certainly not an
>abortion of the LC vote (and I would appreciate a general cooling of
>the rhetoric regarding LC, the delay of which is a bogey man whose
>appearance is now so regular as to be more boring than frightening).

I was not meaning it as a bogeyman; I had no worry about slipping timewise - 
since we are in the publishing moratorium anyway. Just that the extent of the 
error (in terms of number of sections that will need to be touched) is 
greater than I felt confortable with. I am happy that the rest of the group 
disagreed with my assessment.

My general belief is that it is better to do it right than do it fast.


Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 17:06:01 UTC