Re: MnM tool for semantic markup available for download

>This may be of interest to people in this working group
>MnM is an annotation tool which provides both automated and semi-automated
>support for annotating web pages with semantic contents. MnM integrates a web
>browser with an ontology editor and provides open APIs to link MnM to ontology
>servers and for integrating MnM with information extraction tools. 
>MnM works with a number of representation languages, including RDF, 
>DAML+OIL and OCML. The annotated documents can be used to populate 
>ontologies or as a training corpus for information extraction (IE) 
>engines. The MnM IE plug-in is generic and documented and therefore 
>developers can add new IE mechanisms to the system.
>The version of MnM available for download has been integrated with 
>Amilcare Version 2.1, a tool for Adaptive Information Extraction 
>from Texts.  Amilcare has been developed by Fabio Ciravegna, 
>University of Sheffield,, 
> This version of Amilcare has been 
>released as demo as part of the MnM tool and CAN BE USED ONLY AS 
>PLUG-IN FOR THE  MnM tool. It cannot be used in stand alone or as 
>plugin for any other annotation tool.
>Please contact Fabio Ciravegna if you want to use Amilcare in 
>commercial applications, distribute it to other colleagues or 
>integrate it in other tools.
>MnM is provided "as is" and it is free of charge for non commercial
>use (see for 
>more details).
>For more information about MnM you can have a look at the published papers
>(, and at the user
>manual and developer guide 
>Comments/queries should be sent to Mattia Lanzoni (

Enrico - thanks for this information.  when do you think this will 
talk OWL?  If in the near future, we could include it in our 
implementation report.
  Jim H.

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