Re: approve test cases

At 2:18 PM +0300 5/15/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>I propose we approve the tests verified by Ian and reported in
>I propose we approve the tests verified by Ian and reported in
>I propose we approve the test I4.6/Manifest003 reported as verified by Jos in
>(this is offered to the chairs if they wish we approve more tests before the
>LC vote on test cases)

Jeremy - my agenda plan for today is to do as you suggested in an 
earlier message.

At 11:40 AM +0300 5/14/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>I believe that before the vote we should consider the following:
>1) approving more tests that Ian can now execute
>I will send a formal proposal message
>2) a double-check that what I have written about datatypes is what we want
>I will send a summary after I have explicit text to vote on.
>3) a quick run through of the most significant changes from this week review
>(and most significant review comments that I did not accept)

however, you have leeway to deal with whatever you believe needs 
resolution before the vote.

Also, if there are any things that still need some editing (such as 
the issues arisen recently), it is okay for the WG to approve the 
document with the caveat that these are dealt with in some particular 
manner, and then trusting the editor to go forward, so we could even 
go to the LC vote if there are some minor changes remaining to be 
done afterwards.
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