Test index added

Ian made a late comment
suggesting an index.

I have made two changes this morning to address that:

1) simplified the test fragment system (each test in the documents already had 
an anchor; now the anchor is always dir-number e.g. description-logic-003
I5.3-001, FunctionalProperty-003

2) Added an index.

Note that in the single file versions M L and XXL the frag IDs work directly, 


gets you to one of the new SAT tests added as a result of another of Ian's 

The compound document splatters the tests over the directory, and so the 
fragIDs are in assorted files e.g. that one becomes:


I've found that the document as is does not satisfy the pubrules checker, so 
the precise bits will change again before todays telecon.
I am not intending to make changes other than pubrules fixes.


Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 06:47:45 UTC