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Peter's reply looks good to me.


On May 14, Peter F. Patel-Schneider writes:
> I propose the following reply for part of
> > Concerning OWL AS & S
> > 
> > I have not clearly understood the goal of section 4.1 (I must recognize I am
> > far from being an expert in those matters). If it is to obtain (when
> > possible) equivalent RDF triples for OWL definitions, why not using RDF
> > abilities at best ? In particular, could an equivalent for
> > "EquivalentClasses (D1...Dn)" be
> > "T(Di) rdfs:subclassOf T(Di+1); T(Di+1) rdfs:subClassOf T(Di),1<=i<n" or
> > would a RDFS-guru find it really stupid ?
> This would work as a mapping.  However, the intent of the mapping is not to
> translate into something that can be partly understood by an RDF or RDFS
> processor, but instead is to provide a mapping between the abstract syntax
> and the exchange syntax to define which RDF graphs belong to the OWL DL and
> OWL Lite dialects of OWL.  The mapping you propose above would not work
> quite as well for this purpose.
> I will add the following paragraph (or something close to it) to the
> beginning of Section 4 to make some of this clearer.
> <p>
> <span class="change">
> This section of the document provides a mapping from the abstract syntax
> for OWL DL and OWL Lite given in <a href="syntax.html">Section 2</a>
> to the exchange syntax for OWL, namely 
> RDF/XML [<cite><a href="#ref-rdfsyntax">RDF Syntax</a></cite>].
> This mapping (and its inverse) provide the normative relationship between
> the abstract syntax and the exchange syntax.
> It is shown in <a href="rdfs.html">Section 5</a> and 
> <a href="proofs.html#A.1">Appendix A.1</a> that this mapping preserves the
> meaning of OWL DL ontologies.
> <a href="#4.2">Section 4.2</a> defines 
> the OWL DL and OWL Lite dialects of OWL as those RDF graphs
> that are the result of mappings from abstract syntax ontologies.
> </span>
> </p>
> Does this appropriately answer your query?
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