Agenda for this week (late again)

In maintaining current tradition, the agenda will be late again this 
week - apologies, but as you can see from the list, lots happening!

Main agenda item will be moving Test to Last Call.  Please read 
Jeremy's email from [1] (reproduced below in its entirety) and any 
accompanying thread.

We will also review some of the open comments that are not aimed at 
specific documents, and see if any merit new issues or reopening old 

  - Jim H.

At 11:40 AM +0300 5/14/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>Guus, Jim
>I am hoping that we will be able to move to a Last Call vote on Test tomorrow.
>I will provide an updated version later today including changes from the
>review comments.
>I believe that before the vote we should consider the following:
>1) approving more tests that Ian can now execute
>I will send a formal proposal message
>2) a double-check that what I have written about datatypes is what we want
>I will send a summary after I have explicit text to vote on.
>3) a quick run through of the most significant changes from this week review
>(and most significant review comments that I did not accept)
>If (2) or (3) fails we may need to not have the vote; or they may result in
>minor editorial actions prior to publication. (1) would result in an
>editorial action prior to publication.


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