Re: TEST: last call candidate (?)

> As it
> is, the test document seems to suggest that imports requires the single
> quote form.

I will change two of them to use double quotes.

> It might make things clearer if a more obvious OWL Full document was
> chosen, perhaps one that uses a class as an instance? The fact that
> using rdfs:Class makes a document OWL Full is very subtle and seems more
> appropriate for a Language Compliance Level test.

Yes, it is subtle.
Certain types of non-DL graphs can be fixed by adding additional triples, 
other types cannot.

An example that can be fixed is missing a type triple - e.g. missing the <x> 
rdf:type owl:Class . ; which is shown. However, a class as an instance 
example is OWL Full, and cannot be patched to not have a class as an 
instance. So if you import a class as an instance that will remain OWL Full.

This is an imports level test which is intended to test an OWL syntax checker 
and so subtle effects should be displayed in some tests.


Received on Monday, 12 May 2003 15:29:50 UTC