Re: TEST I5.24 - 004 was RE: Partial? regrets May 1st

On Tue, 6 May 2003, Jeremy Carroll wrote:

> Ian
> > p.s. I believe that this is yet another example illustrating how
> > crazy it is to try to write OWL in RDF syntax without tool support -
> > even we (the "experts") can't get it right!
> I am finding having a syntax checker really handy - even with the OWL Full
> tests where the syntax checker is technically useless, (the file is OWL Full
> necessarily), asking it why it is not OWL DL is certainly interesting.

I couldn't agree more. In this example, the differences between using



<owl:Class rdf:about=""/>

are rather subtle (and was something I too got wrong in my original
translations of the DL tests). Tools support isn't the end of the matter
though, as our experience (with DAML+OIL) has been that different tool
developers have different interpretations as to how to use the constructs.

> This particular example was labelled OWL Full - if I had asked why I would
> have a surprise.
> I am getting more taken with OWL DL as time goes on.

Luuuuuke, join us on the dark side.....



Sean Bechhofer

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