RE: WOWG: Need to know about your implementations -- ASAP

> Validator/parser tools:
>   Jena?  (any OWL yet?)

A 97% complete OWL Syntax Checker, shipping this week or next.

(Other Jena OWL support will be identified by my colleagues)

The currently unimplemented parts of the syntax are:

- disjointWith and equivalentClass
  the bulk of the constraints are not checked, disjointWith because I
haven't had time, equivalentClass is too difficult

- _:restriction rdf:type owl:Class triples are not permitted (I forgot)

I think otherwise it conforms with S&AS last call

(I need to change treatment of owl:Nothing given last weeeks decision).


Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2003 09:00:04 UTC