ISSUE 5.3 Semantic Layering: impact on TEST of if-then

For those who were not at the telecon yesterday, issue 5.3 got reopened.

A possible way of closing it again would be to change from:

- on Fast OWL, these two model theories hopefully correspond:
  if KB+C is in Fast OWL, then

  KB large-OWL-entails C  iff  KB Fast-OWL-entails C


- on OWL DL, the OWL DL model theory is strictly weaker than the
  OWL Full model theory that is:
  If KB OWL-DL-entails C then  KB OWL-Full-entails C

At least the following changes would need to be to Test:

Minor wording changes (five or six times) in

Such entailment is defined by the OWL semantics [OWL Semantics and Abstract
Syntax], (see also OWL Full entailment).

would need a little clarification

Section 4.1.2
currently defines 'consistent' as if the concept in OWL Full and the concpet
in OWL DL coincided. This would probably need to be changed to
'DL-consistent' and 'Full-consistent'. (I have no particular attachment to
those phrases).

in section 4.2.2
would need editorial work on the first bit, probably adding:
An OWL consistency checker MUST provide a means to determine the model
(direct or rdfs compatible) that it is using; for example, in its supporting

the last bit would need to go through the four checkers defined and define
which model theory each MUST use.

This would then result that a consistency checker that uses the OWL Full
model theory but only operates on OWL Lite documents is an OWL Full
consistency checker not an OWL Lite one.

Thus this note would need rework:
Note: Every OWL Full consistency checker is also an OWL DL consistency
checker. Every OWL DL consistency checker is also an OWL Lite consistency
checker. The different levels are intended to be used to indicate the
intended domain of a consistency checker.

Section 5.2 concerning testing a consistency checker would need some changes

Section 6 on Manifest files would need some change, so that a test can have
multiple levels.

All the current Lite tests would need to be relabelled as Lite, DL, and Full
All the current DL tests would need to be relabelled as DL and Full tests

New tests corresponding to the problem cases would need to be added which
are only DL (consistnet) or Full (inconsistent) etc.


Received on Friday, 27 June 2003 08:44:52 UTC