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On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 14:04, Charles White wrote:
> All,
> After seeing Jeremy's comment about sameIndividualAs in the wine.owl file, I did a little looking around. 
> I think in general, since sameAs is the preferred name,

It's the only name, as of our 26 June decision
(hmm... issues list should show that 4.6 was reopened and closed

>  it should be used and sameIndividualAs if used at all should only be mentioned as a synonym.
> Overview - sameIndividualAs is still referenced and sameAs is not. Also in the summary, the reference to S&AS is AS&S.

Which version of Overview are you looking at?
Please cite by URI and revision date
(and/or http last-modified date).

Likewise for the others?

> Reference - sameIndividualAs is referenced as a "synonym for historical reasons" - is that correct? There are also uses of sameIndividualAs that should be replaced with sameAs.
> Guide - TOC - sameIndividualAs and sameAs are listed together. Seems like sameAs should be first. sameIndividualAs is used in a number of other places where it should be replaced with sameAs. In the table at the bottom of the page, there should be a link for sameAs to reference, which should be the same as the one for sameIndividualAs.
> S&AS - Vocabulary Table - row for sameAs is incomplete.
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