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Thanks to you Jim and Guus, you are great chairs!
(I just feel good and behind feelings are facts ;-))

Jos De Roo, AGFA

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  My apologies to all for not being able to be there for today's call,
and my thanks to all who helped cover for me - especially Sandro for
stepping in as chair - from what I heard he did great.
  The decision to request CR is an important one, and I want to thank
everyone for the cordial way the process has been moving and for the
respect you've shown  to each other, and to OWL, during what could
have been a very fractious time.
   Thanks to all, and I'm heading home for a beer - hope you'll all
virtually join me for the celebration of this decision (and let's
hope the Director says "yes" to our request, at which point we can
really celebrate!)
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