IMPORTANT Agenda Amendments

Jim and I agreed on a revised wording for the CR resolution, to make
it clear that not all agreed-upon document changes need to have been
made before the CR vote:


	  To submit a request to the Director of the W3C that the six
	  Last Call Documents, as amended in accordance with group
	  decisions made at this and prior Working Group meetings, be
	  advanced to Candidate Recommendation status, with a minimal
	  CR duration of between four and six weeks, ending in

Also, in the discussion before the CR vote, we should review the
changes made to each draft, if possible.   So editors, please be ready
with a brief run-down of all the changes to your documents since the
Last Call version.

If anyone is too uncomfortable about the in-progress state of any
document, we can make the CR move contingent on them reviewing it
after additional agreed-upon changes are made.

      -- sandro

Received on Thursday, 24 July 2003 11:00:53 UTC