RE: Modeling issues and guidelines?


> Let me see if I can put aside the part of me that is deep
> into end-game mode, trying madly to cross things off the TODO list
> of this group, and respond constructively to your offer to
> help get this technology deployed...

I appreciate the effort :)

> I'm not inclined to extend the work of this group into review
> of tutorial materials (beyond the OWL Guide WD).

I understand. This could last forever.

> Meanwhile, in the short term, there are at least these mechanisms
> in place:
>   - you can help answer questions that come up in www-rdf-logic
>   - you can write tutorial material and call for review (and/or
>     collaborators) in www-rdf-logic, www-rdf-interest, etc. e.g.

>   - you can collaborate on patterns of best practice and frequently
>     asked questions in the ESW Wiki; e.g.
> not to mention

> Beyond those existing mechansism and fora,
> you're also welcome to discuss with Eric Miller, Semantic Web
> Activity Lead, your interest in, for example, a W3C Interest Group on
> best practices and such. Other folks have expressed interest;
> e.g. at the Cambridge tech plenary last March:
> 13:30 - 15:00 First afternoon session
>         Best Practices / Education and Outreach - Eric Miller
>               * logs: 18:36:24
>               * Kathy MacDougal, Sun's SWoRDFish
>               * Guus Schrieber, Some thoughts on SW Best Practices
>               * Liddy Neville, Additional thoughts
>   --

OK. Thanks for the pointers and suggestions. I had forgotten ESW Wiki,
shame on me.
I'll look into all those.


Received on Thursday, 24 July 2003 04:46:21 UTC