[moved] Re: Proposal to request Candidate Recommendation

At 7:30 PM +0300 7/23/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>>>We have already integrated some of the changes that RDF Core have told us
>>>about, and not others. Either we should go to CR with their last published
>>>WDs or we should go with all the decisions they have informed us about.
>>>The current state is unsatisfactory in that it presents an unnecessarily
>>>moving target for implementors.
>>But there is no way to resolve except for us to wait until they move
>>to PR, which would mean we sit around for a month doing nothing.
>I tend to agree that it is better to move to CR than sit around waiting for
>RDFCore to get to PR.
>A specific issue I had in mind was that of "_:x rdf:type rdf:List", which is
>still obligatory in S&AS (for OWL DL).
>The latest editors draft of Test has the interesting discrepancy that the
>triples are generated accordfing to the latest editors draft of RDF Syntax
>(without these type triples), and so many of the DL tests get flagged as in
>error - technically they are.

Peter has addressed this in thread entitled "optional list typing" - 
thanks Peter.

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