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At 7:25 AM +0300 7/23/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>Unfortunately, the proposal offered by Jeremy and the others could not be
>shown to be consistent with the correspondence proof of Appendix A of the OWL
>Semantics and Abstract Syntax document
>is an untrue statement.
>We received 74 comments in all. Of these we have answered and been
>acknowledged on 63 messages. For 11 more we have not received
>acknowledgements yet - on 9 of these we agreed or mostly agreed with the
>comment raiser and made edits to our documents in response. One comment has
>not been answered to the commentor's satisfaction, and we address this below.
>It should be clarified that a few commentors have not been given seven days to
>reply. (Well I guess they will have had by the time we get there but it is
>premature to have a CR vote before having given them time to reply).

a very small number of commentors were not given the requisite 7 days 
(but I believe only two of these are still open  -- Keck, whose 
comment came in well after the LC comment, and Dave Reynolds, who has 
now responded).  I am happy to make the CR vote contingent on 
addressing these two (Kecks' has already been addressed, so were' 
really just talking about the Jena team - and the proposed closing 
text does mention than as agreeing with your B1/B2 objection).

>integrate any changes to RDF Core specs
>We have already integrated some of the changes that RDF Core have told us
>about, and not others. Either we should go to CR with their last published
>WDs or we should go with all the decisions they have informed us about.
>The current state is unsatisfactory in that it presents an unnecessarily
>moving target for implementors.

But there is no way to resolve except for us to wait until they move 
to PR, which would mean we sit around for a month doing nothing.  The 
new process document makes it clear we can move to CR with a 
dependency like this as long as we specify it, and the Coordination 
Group didn't feel this puts us at significant risk.

The only alternatives I see are for us not to move to CR until after 
RDF Core goes to PR, which means us losing a month for no reason 
(assuming the Director accepts their PR proposal with no changes) or 
for us to spend a month doing other stuff and move right to PR at the 
end of the time.  I originally favored the latter, but it was clear 
from the straw poll that our group preferred having a CR, and this 
seems to me to be a good way to do it.

I think our current editors documents are very close to the current 
versions of the RDF Core documents - and that changes we haven't yet 
implemented are likely to be editorial (by definition - if they 
change their design, they need to go back to LC) - I've been informed 
by the RDF Core chairs that they do not expect to move back to LC, so 
Dan and I see no reason that we shouldn't move to CR now with the 
expectation that our documents will be fixed to concur with theirs 
prior to PR - and we mention that in the CR drat by included this CR 

If you have specific wording changes - please propose

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