Re: issues with respect to the test cases overall manifest document

A while ago Peter said
> The test cases overall manifest document
> ( is not what I expected at
> all.

Looking at this, the easiest fix would be for me to run a unix script in


that found all the */Manifest[0-9][0-9][0-9].rdf
files and chopped off the rdf:RDF start element tag and end element tag, took 
the xml:base from the start element tag and put it in the next start element 
tag and concatenated them.
Finally inserting this concatenation into an appropriate rdf:RDF start and end 
element tag would give something much more presentable.

Anyone feel like writing such a script? (one could use XSLT but I think that 
would be overkill - but if anyone felt inclined I would take whatever)

I would then include it in the build process.


Received on Wednesday, 23 July 2003 06:33:00 UTC