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At 8:26 AM +0200 7/22/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>>  Apologies - due to a cut and paste error, part of my response was
>>  missing -
>Jim, further cut and paste was that the last point was a different RDF Core
>issue ...

thanks Jeremy - I guess RDF raised bnodes twice - I'll forward this 
to Dave as well.

>>  - The RDF support within Jena permits users to:
>>     - use annonymous nodes as the object of
>>       more than one triple
>>     - have cycles of anonymous nodes
>>     While the syntactic restrictions between, for example,
>>     unnamed individuals and descriptions are understandable,
>>     it is not clear why OWL DL has not permitted, for example,
>>     an unnamed individual to be the object of more than
>>     one triple, or an unnamed individual to be the object
>>     of a triple of which it is the subject.
>>     Please either relax this constraint or offer a rationale.
>>  I am pasting in here the response that Peter Patel-Schneider sent to
>>  another comment raising this same issue - his answer can be seen in
>>  full in [7]
>>  owlsas-rdfcore-bnodes-restrictions
>We agree that there may be cause for concern, but note that the changes
>requested would minimally require a major rework of the direct semantics of
>OWL DL. (Section 3 of S&AS).
>We have created a new issue and postponed it, so that a future group may,
>the benefit of deployment experience, assess whether these concerns were
>legitimate, and whether the quantity of work required to attempt to address
>this issue is motivated.
>We are still considering relaxing some of the constraints on bnodes
>corresponding to class expressions; however, this does not seem to be your
>main concern. We will notify you of any change.

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