PR/CR Page

At the bottom of the PR/CR page, the following showed up recently.

Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria

integrate any changes to RDF Core specs 
2 complete OWL Lite consistency checkers (i.e. 2 which pass all OWL Lite consistency and inconsistency tests and moreover claim logical completeness) 
at least one reasoner passes every test that is not an extra credit test 
two reasoners implementing (different) substantial subsets of OWL DL 
two reasoners implementing useful subsets of OWL Full 
two owl syntax checkers passing all tests 

Did we ever agree to this? I remember seeing this in a message from Jeremy Carroll, et al, but I don't think it was ever agreed upon by the group. Or did I miss something? I looked in the minutes and didn't see any evidence of it. I thought we had agreed that it was not necessary (although possibly desirable) to have all these tools built before recommendation.


Received on Monday, 21 July 2003 19:05:24 UTC