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On July 15, Jim Hendler writes:
> in [1], Gary Ng asks some questions -- we need someone to answer 
> (remember, this is on our public-webont-comments list, so we need to 
> answer via LC process).  It doesn't directly address a document, 
> although it does mention Ref - but it also asks some stuff that was 
> in Jeremy's issues -- Jeremy, do you want to take a stab?  Anyone 
> else?

I didn't realise that we were still in LC mode so I already answered
it directly. Hopefully I didn't say anything too controversial. In
case you missed it, my answer was:

> Unknown or unrecognised datatypes are treated as being the lexical
> form (a string) of some unknown datatype. It is obviously the case
> that, whatever the datatype, identical lexical forms map to the same
> element of the value space, and can thus be considered equal. For
> non-identical lexical forms, however, it *cannot* be assumed that they
> do not map to the same element of the value space and are thus
> unequal.
> E.g., the lexical forms "1.0" and "01.00" would map to the same value
> (and thus be considered equal) in some datatypes (e.g., decimal), but
> not in others (e.g., string).

Gary already asked a follow up question. This doesn't really seem to
be a LC comment so much as a request for help from an
implementor. Should I suggest that we move the discussion elsewhere
(where?)  and then answer his follow-up?

Regards, Ian

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