Proposed response on daml:item

here is my proposed response to the issue on daml:item -- I cannot 
seem to get to the archive to fill in the [xx]s, if approved I'll fix 
those before sending

  Thanks for your email raising the issue of restoring daml:item 
[xx1].  The list constructors were a difficult issue as they impacted 
both the RDF Core and Web Ontology Working Groups, and the issue of 
whether to include an "item" construct was considered by both.  Given 
the final resolution, not to require it in RDF, the WebOnt WG was 
resistant to adding it into OWL [xx2]. However, we did agree that you 
make a good point about needing to be able to restrict the members of 
a list to a class, and that the means to do that is not obvious.  We 
therefore are adding the following example:

>   <rdfs:Class rdf:ID="OperaList">
>     <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&rdf;List"/>
>     <rdfs:subClassOf>
>       <Restriction>
>         <onProperty rdf:resource="&rdf;first"/>
>         <allValuesFrom rdf:resource="#Opera"/>
>       </Restriction>
>     </rdfs:subClassOf>
>     <rdfs:subClassOf>
>       <Restriction>
>         <onProperty rdf:resource="&rdf;rest"/>
>         <allValuesFrom rdf:resource="#OperaList"/>
>       </Restriction>
>     </rdfs:subClassOf>
>   </rdfs:Class>

to the reference document (with accompanying text currently being 
produced - see the editor's draft).

  Please let us know if this is adequate in meeting your comment
  Jim Hendler for Web Ont WG

[xx1] Bijan's email
[xx2] Jeremy's email about being reluctant to add it

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