Test approvals

I'm not actually sure what our current practice is on moving test 
cases from proposed to approved, but my group is developing several 
different OWL reasoners one in prolog (OWLlet), one in Lisp (OWL 
Lisa) and one in Java (PELLET).  These are now all starting to pass 
tests, and PELLET has passed several of the proposed consistency 


I would therefore suggest we add these to the queue of proposed tests 
that should become approved.

p.s. Note that the third test above (consistent201) has a set of 
classes that have nothing in them except rdfs:labels that include 
xml:lang tags.  I'm not sure, based on recent email about RDF and 
xml:lang as to whether these are still legal, and whether, as the 
labels are not explicitely tagged to be annotations, this is actually 
in Lite.  Jeremy, you might want to check this one

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