Re: Changes to make S&AS consistent with RDF Semantics document

>> >*Possible solution 1*: no changes to RDF Semantics, and two
>> >"local" changes to S&AS:
>> >-1a: add OWL DL semantics without XMLLiteral by means of a
>> >detour via the abstract syntax (details below)
>> >-1b: exclude the possibility of having OWL Full without
>> >XMLLiteral semantics (after all, OWL Full is *OWL Full*)
>> >
>> >In view of 1b, this would not solve the problem completely, but
>> >perhaps this would be acceptable?
>> >In addition, 1b would require a small change in OWL Reference.
>> Actually, 1b does not describe a change in S&AS, since S&AS as it
>> is does already include XMLLiteral semantics in OWL Full.
>> However, 1b does lead to changes to make Test consistent.
>> For clarity, I list the other change required when this
>> solution is taken:
>> -1c: remove all tests that allow OWL Full without XMLLiteral
>> semantics
>Can you name one of these tests, or all of them if it's convenient?
>    -- sandro

Doing a text search on the extra large version of Test reveals
that the phrase XMLLiteral appears only in tests 201 to 205.

205 speaks of Full and a datatype map without XMLLiteral -
which is impossible under Possible Solution 1

201 and 202 include the case of Full and a datatype map
without XMLLiteral - again impossible under Possible Solution 1.


Received on Friday, 12 December 2003 15:40:01 UTC