RE: racer, DIG and OWL

From: Jeremy Carroll [] 
> This is a general FYI.
> Ian Dickinson has noticed that the DIG interface makes the 
> unique names 
> assumption, and hence cannot be used very easily (if at all) 
> for OWL, in its current generation.
To be fair, Ian was told about the UNA by the DIG implementors, rather than
noticed for himself.

My plan is to complete the Jena interface to DIG reasoners anyway, as there
are still some significant reasoning tasks that an external DL engine,
accessed via DIG, can assist Jena users with.  I am told that work is in the
pipeline to move current freeware DL reasoners to OWL-DL compliance, so the
utility of the Jena+external DIG reasoners will increase over time anyway.
This won't occur in time for OWL's recommendation status though.


Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 06:10:32 UTC