racer, DIG and OWL

This is a general FYI.

Ian Dickinson has noticed that the DIG interface makes the unique names 
assumption, and hence cannot be used very easily (if at all) for OWL, in its 
current generation.

I had been hoping to get some OWL test results for racer through work going on 
both by Ian and Sean on using the DIG interface. I now no longer have that 
hope. Thus I am not expecting any significant new information between PR and 
REC concerning any of the OWL tests. (It may be that racer has unique names 
assumption deeply embedded within it - I don't know)

(The current test approvals etc that we are voting on are based on our current 
information, and trying to make the best of what we know, which, in a few 
cases is less than I would like)


Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 06:01:04 UTC