Re: QCRs - How much time are they worth?

Jim Hendler wrote:
> Proposal:
>   I propose we change the closing status of issue 3.2 to POSTPONED.
> We create the idioms page and a discussion of QCRs go there.  A
> pointer to that discussion is added to the issues page, and can be
> referred to in our non-normative documents if desired.

It is not yet clear to me to what extent that such idioms would cover QCRs.
It is becoming crystal clear that QCRs are in fact a generalization of Rs --
consequently I feel this issue merits more discussion prior to making a
committment. I would consider the production of such an idioms page and
further discussion as a proposal to close/postpone the issue, but until I
can view this I am against closing/postponing the issue.


Received on Monday, 28 April 2003 09:11:25 UTC