Re: inaccuracies in Appendices A, B, and C of OWL Reference


The changes to Reference you proposed yesterday have been incorporated 
into the editor's draft (see the change log). As a followup on your 
comment wrt. owl:OntologyProperty I've also added a note to Sec. 7.2 
about this  built-in property class.

Thanks, Guus

Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:

> owl:imports, owl:priorVersion, owl:backwardCompatibleWith, and
> owl:incompatibleWith should all be specified to belong to
> owl:OntologyProperty
> owl:DataRange could be specified as a subclass of rdfs:Literal
> owl:AnnotationProperty, owl:DataRange, and owl:TransitiveProperty are
> missing from the classes defined by OWL, which should be changed to
> ``Classes in the OWL vocabulary''.  owl:AnnotationProperty is missing from
> Appendix A.
> Similarly the next heading should be
> changed to ``Properties in the OWL vocabulary''.
> The range of owl:imports could be specified as owl:Ontology
> The domain of owl:OneOf is rdfs:Class, not owl:Class.  This needs to
> be changed in both Appendix B and C.
> Appendix A is not alphabetized correctly.

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