Re: tracking comments got a tiny bit easier

At 13:00 -0500 4/24/03, Dan Connolly wrote:
>Our "poorman's issue tracker" just grew a feature: as well as
>picking those that haven't been closed from those that have,
>as before, it also tells you which have had no reply at all:

>The "search feature" comment isn't really relevant; I'll close
>that presently...
>otherwise, we can see that thru 18 April, we've at least
>sent a "thanks; stay tuned" reply to each comment.
>Well done, all.
>Dan Connolly, W3C

Dan - I sent the following reply to on the search feature issue, but 
I see now it never got to the public list (my mailer shows it did get 
sent from here) - my guess is someone at W3C set some spam filter 
because of all the email  the original message engendered...

  - JH

At 12:16 -0400 4/10/03, Jim Hendler wrote:
To: "Fabian Weber" <>
From: Jim Hendler <>
Subject: [closed] Re: search feature
>Sorry for this stupid question, but I have a complicated query to do and I
>wanted to know how can I use the search feature most efficiently.
>Thanks a lot.

  The W3C maintains a page 
which helps with searching the mail archive -- is should be able to 
answer your questions.
  -Jim Hendler
  Web Ont WG

but for some reason it doesn't seem to have been

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