Where is the precise syntax of OWL? [was: RE: Suggestions for response to: Some comments on OWL Reference]

> Yuzhong Qu:
>  > 1. The PRECISE SYNTAX  of OWL
> etc.
> I wonder whether Prof. Qu should be directed towards section 4.2 of S&AS and 
> maybe the following phrase from the preamble at the beginning of 4
> "the mapping rules implicitly define a set of graphs, which syntactically 
> characterise OWL DL in RDF/XML."
> For me, those two parts of the WDs are where the precise syntax of OWL is 
> defined, and they are not prejudiced by the abstract syntax being informal.
> (i.e. the level of formality of the abstract syntax is fit for purpose)
> I note the editor could do this without further WG discussion.
> Jeremy

The problem with pointing to the mapping table as the source for the OWL 
syntax is that it only defines the syntax of OWL DL/Lite. One could 
argue that only Appendx B of Ref gives the precise syntax for OWL Full.

I propose to spend 5 min. at the telecon discussing this.


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