syntax checked test editors draft

The latest test editors draft

(in medium, large or extra large sizes)

includes error messages from the Jena syntax checker (to be released in the 
next few weeks - available now by anonymous CVS).

I am moderately encouraged - many of the errors
  e.g. "This is in OWL Lite not OWL Full"
can be fixed by trivial changes to the metadata.
Other errors are systematic and can be fixed in bulk (e.g. use of 
<owl:Thing/> instead of <owl:Class rdf:about="&owl;Thing"/>

My beliefs are that the syntax checker has the following bugs:
* _:a owl:maxCardinality "0"^^xsd:nonNegativeInteger is mishandled
* imports is not handled (it is implemented but there is a silly bug, so I had 
to switch that code off)
* owl:disjointWith constraints are not fully implemented
* owl:equivalentClass constraints are not fully implemented
* cycle detection of blank nodes is not fully implemented (the hard bits are 
implemented - i.e. complex interaction between cycle detection code and 
owl:equivalentClass and owl:disjointWith)

Of these, I intend to fix the first two fairly promptly, and postpone the 
others for now.

Otherwise it implements S&AS Last Call syntax.

I haven't yet checked in all of the test case editor stuff.
(largely done - the syntax checker is **slow** - designed for future 
optimization :) - I have been using the Editors Draft button on 
just after I (re)launch tomcat)


Received on Friday, 18 April 2003 05:30:55 UTC