Re: TEST process and test document

> I'm ambivalent about having proposed tests in the document itself.  On one
> hand, it is rather convenient to have them collected in one place.  On the
> other hand, it does make for a long document, and more work for whoever is
> maintaining the document.

> When we are ready to release this document for real, we 
> simply remove the pointers to anything that isn't accepted, and move 
> it to WD or whatever?  Would that work?

I should have been more explicit about what I had done.
The real document is a Java Server Page.

I could have a version up next week on a Jigsaw server that would reflect 
exactly the current state of the archieve.

Of course, I should declare an interest in long documents. 
Long documents tend to get printed, and use a lot of ink and toner.
Ink and toner are HP's two most profitable lines.

A further point about having them all togther, and about the proposed process 
in which (wide ranging) editorial changes can be applied to approved tests, 
is that it is plausible that there will be some sort of stylistic and 
editorial consistency, which is somewhat lacking from the RDF test cases.
I am not sure how important such consistency is.

WIth the JSP approach, I think we could have a very flexible tool for test 
review as well.


Received on Friday, 6 September 2002 16:21:55 UTC