LANG: Proposal to Close issue 4.4 Extralogical Feature set

As a reminder, issue 4.4 reads in its entirety:

>4.4 Extra-logical feature set
>DAML+OIL has a limited ability to add features to ontologies and 
>assertions. Our requirements for "tagging" of various kinds goes 
>beyond what is currently in DAML - what do we need to add to address 
>our requirements?

I raised this issue, with the assumption that we would need some sort 
of mechanism beyond what was in DAML to handle certain kinds of 
features.  However, in our current design, we have specific issues to 
  Imports (issue 5.6)
  Versioning (issue 5.14)
which are the two most important of these features IMHO.

I have not yet been able to come up with an additional set of 
features that could not be addressed by using RDF.  The possibility 
of an owl:quote (issue 5.4) was also considered, but we decided 
(correctly in my opinion) that  we weren't going to tackle that one.

I therefore make the following suggestion, I propose we CLOSE issue 
4.4 with the following text:

Extra-logical features for OWL can currently be expressed using the 
features of RDF and/or RDFS.  We see no need to add an additional 
language feature to OWL beyond these.

Professor James Hendler
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Received on Tuesday, 29 October 2002 07:42:36 UTC