ISSUES: 4.5, 5..11, 4.6 opened

Jim and I are opening the following issues:

4.5 InverseOf
5.11 hasClass/toClass
4.6 equivalentTo

These issues will be on the agenda for this week's telecon. Please look
up their description in the issues document [1} and send
comments/opinions to the list.


Just to remind you: the procedure for processing isues is:

1. the chair opens the issue(s)
2. a little email discussion happens
3. telecon discussion
4. somebody emerges as issue owner
5. the chair asks them to take an action
   to summarize the issue (e.g. with test cases)
   or propose a resolution
6. more discussion
7. decision


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Received on Monday, 27 May 2002 18:18:20 UTC