ISSUE: daml:imports as magic syntax

TITLE: daml:imports as magic syntax

IN DAML+OIL, daml:imports is used to specify resources with additional
relevant information. A similar feature is needed in OWL to support the
"Explicit ontology extension" and "Commitment to ontologies"
requirements. However, if this feature is an RDF property, as in
DAML+OIL, then it is possible to write axioms that redefine this
feature. For example, someone can say "Ontology A only imports resources
of type foo" or "Ontology B imports at least one of the following
resources." If allowed, such statements would complicate the language
significantly. As such, it has been suggested in RDF-Logic that special
syntax be used for this feature, so that it cannot be used in assertions
in the same way as other RDF properties.

RAISED BY: Jeff Heflin (

DATE: 10 May 2002


Drew McDermott, 30 Apr 2002,

Received on Friday, 10 May 2002 11:25:59 UTC