Re: LANG: new version of abstract syntax/translation document

At 5:33 PM -0400 7/17/02, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>From: Dan Connolly <>
>Subject: Re: LANG: new version of abstract syntax/translation document
>Date: 17 Jul 2002 14:41:20 -0500
>>  On Sun, 2002-07-07 at 05:45, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>>  > Here is a new version of the document.
>>  == 1.2. Stances Taken on OWL Issues
>>  "#  The document does not include ordered property values,
>>  assuming that issue 2.6 will be resolved against including
>>  ordered property values in OWL."
>>  Hmmm... I'm pretty fond of the first/rest construct for
>>  ordered values.
>This produces an ordered list, which is, I believe, different from ordered
>property values.   I believe that ordered property values are something
>like is possible in XML, with its document ordering.

actually, I have no idea what the difference between 2.5 (closed 
lists) and 2.6 (ordered values) actually is - I had planned to 
propose to have 2.6 declared as subsumed by 2.5 -- that is, doesn't 
the new rdf solution with respect to list, first, rest, and nil give 
us this?   Peter says that he believes ordered property value is 
different from ordered lists -- Peter, can you elaborate this? 
Should we keep these as separate issues?
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