RE: LANG: new version of abstract syntax/translation document


Sorry to be so slow responding. I had two comments.

The second is a response to your assumptions regarding structured
types and owl:quote (which does not have any impact on your document,
unless/until we make some decision contra your assumptions).  So I 
am sending it in a seperate message labeled as ISSUE.

I was having trouble with the productions.  Are the semi-colons
floating around spurious?  E.g. the <individual> production:

 <individual> ::= Individual( [<individualID>]
                              {<propertyValue>} )

doesn't match the example:

 Individual(type=Book (dc:author (Individual (ex:name "Fred"))))

Does the ';{' construct indicate that ';' is a separator intended to
sit between repeated items?  But that doesn't work for

<axiom> ::= SubPropertyOf( <datavaluedPropertyID>
    ;<datavaluedPropertyID> )


- Mike

Received on Wednesday, 17 July 2002 21:05:42 UTC