Re: LANG: new version of abstract syntax (with transformation)

thx for the good and fast work.
As I am doing the update to my document, it was agreed at the f2f that i would
add "THING" in OWL Lite and then mention NOTHING in the full language.
I dont see any mention of either in your document.
should you include them as well?


"Peter F. Patel-Schneider" wrote:

> Here is a new version of the abstract syntax with a transformation to
> triples added.  Also, OWL Lite has been placed first.  This is an initial
> cut, for those who would like to be in the loop.  A revision will almost
> certainly be made by the end of the week, but I expect that most changes
> will be minor.
> Needed changes include a rationalization with the token names agreed on at
> the F2F.
> peter
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