Re: issue 5.10: a position statement

> I feel that there are really two different positions on issue 5.10
> (DAML+OIL semantics are too weak).
> The first position is that what matters most is getting the entailments
> correct for OWL.  This position would support entailments like
>       John belongs to the intersection of Student and Employee
>       entails
>       John belongs to the intersection of Employee and Student
> and many other natural entailments.

that was also my position before f2f3
since then and after changing
I think that w.r.t. the testcases
we only have

  mapInvP          |=  mapInvC
  mapVocabP        |=  mapVocabC
  oneOfP           |=  oneOfC
  pathTransitiveP  |=  pathTransitiveC
  sameGuyP         |=  sameGuyC
  sameStateP       |=  sameStateC


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Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Friday, 5 July 2002 08:10:03 UTC