Re: Minutes of WebOnt Meeting August 22, 2002 9:00-10:30 am pacific time

>chairs were to decide f2f5 location
>16:17:18 [dlm]
>3 points:
>16:17:26 [dlm]
>1 - even distribution between europe and us
>16:17:40 [dlm]
>2 colocation with plenary in march in boston is desirable
>16:18:00 [dlm]
>3 many things may be needed to get things inplace for discussion
>16:18:36 [dlm]
>two meetings in a row in england
>16:19:01 [dlm]
>are now proposed
>16:19:17 [Zakim]
>16:19:51 [dlm]
>stein points to center of mass for participants and suggests that the
>split between europe and us evenly does not meet the center of mass
>16:20:20 [dlm]
>eastern us is closer to center of mass for participants
>16:21:00 [dlm]
>maintaining 3 in us and 3 in europe seems an arbitrary decision
>16:22:09 [dlm]
>manchester has an access grid room
>16:22:47 [dlm]
>one choice point is 2 meetings in england now or two meetings in the us
>in 2003
>16:24:18 [dlm]
>decision wasabout f2f 5
>16:24:41 [dlm]
>flipped a coin and picked manchester

That last line is taken out of context and I protest it!  What I 
said, after several people objected that Guus and I appeared to be 
making a f2f6 decision for Boston (which we didn't - we just 
suggested it), was "so forget the Boston part and consider it as if 
we flipped a coin and picked Manchester"

By the way, I am quite surprised by the flap today over location.  At 
the last telecon we resolved:

>16:13:27 [jhendler]
>ACTION: group being split between NY and Manchester in preference, 
>chairs will determine and inform group.

which was requested of me and Guus after we both made it clear we'd 
rather the group picked.  However,  since there was a virtual split 
decision to a straw poll, we were delegated the responsibility.  Next 
time if you don't want us to make a decision, please don't ask us to 
do so.


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