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Re: WOWG: location/dates ftf 5&6

From: Christopher Welty <welty@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 14:00:20 -0400
To: Guus Schreiber <schreiber@swi.psy.uva.nl>
Cc: WebOnt WG <www-webont-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <OF8B200262.6A695534-ON85256C1D.0060E7C2@pok.ibm.com>

I also want to appeal the decision to have the 5th f2f in Manchester. 

This is not an objection to my proposed site being rejected for the 5th 
f2f, but an objection to the decision to go to Europe for the 5th f2f. 

The on-line tally CLEARLY shows a preference of the membership to a US 
meeting for the 5th f2f.  The purpose of the ranking system (as decided 
here: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-webont-wg/2002Jul/0321.html) 
was to prevent the four eastern US proposals from unfairly competing with 
each other on the issue of whether to hold the next f2f in Europe or the 
eastern US.

In the log of the August 15th call (when everyone is on vacation, nice) 
there is one line claiming the vote is "split" between New York and 
Manchester.  Manchester received the most positive votes, but also the 
most negative, giving it the second lowest overall score.  Who could 
possibly interpret it this as a split?   The intention of the weighted 
tally vote and results are pretty clear to me.

If the chairs can't interpret a weighted tally, then I propose the vote 
should be first to gather consensus from the group as to whether eastern 
US or Europe is preferred for the 5th f2f.    This arbitrary decision 
described by JimH as "flipping a coin" could have been made with the 
consensus of the group.


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Deborah McGuinness <dlm@KSL.Stanford.EDU>
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08/22/2002 11:20 AM

        To:     Guus Schreiber <schreiber@swi.psy.uva.nl>
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        Subject:        Re: WOWG: location/dates  ftf 5&6


i cant reply in more than a few seconds now  but i would like to vote my
protest to this.
we did not agree to have the chairs decide on both a 5th f2f and a 6th f2f
location and date.
i would ask that this be discussed at the end of the call today
or if any kind of vote is taken i vote against a meeting in europe as the 
meeting and for a meeting in the us as the next meeting if that is boston 
march i would also vote for that as the next meeting instead of having 2
meetings 2 months apart.

Guus Schreiber wrote:

> Jim and I have considered the ftf locations after the discussion last
> week, in which the group agreed to leave the final decision to the 
> We have taken into account the following factors
> - even spread of ftf locations over US/Europe
> - the W3C Tech Plenary in Boston (3-7 March), where all WGs typically
> have a face-to-face and which provides opportunities for inter-WG 
> - the fact that it is likely that early 2003 (Poposed Rec time in our
> schedule) there will be many loose ends (issues) to resolve, and
> therefore having a Janauary and a March ftf would be a good idea
> The chairs opt therefore for the following ftf schedule:
> 5th ftf: Manchester, either 6-7 or 9-10 Jan
> 6th ftf: Boston, colocated with W3C tech plenary, either 3-4 or 6-7 Mar
> We understand that this is not convenient for all members, but it
> appears to us to be a reasonable compromise.
> Guus
> --
> A. Th. Schreiber, SWI, University of Amsterdam,
> http://www.swi.psy.uva.nl/usr/Schreiber/home.html

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