Re: Format of DAV:get* properties

Lisa Dusseault wrote:

> This hasn't been a problem in the WFS implementation.  The unusual
> formatting is rare, and so users can generally search on "contains 
> 'text/plain'" and get all the results they need.  Sometimes it's 
> not worth dealing with edge cases in a spec, beyond noting that 
> they exist and noting that servers can easily normalize the value
> to reduce the existence of edge cases.

Right. So one low-cost suggestion I made was to require servers that do 
support DAV:basicsearch to perform matching on DAV:getcontentlength 
after normalizing whitespace in the attribute value. I think in practice 
this is what servers do anyway. Feedback appreciated.

> However, I'm not sure how much of an edge case it is.  If it's been
> a problem in practice, the 'media-type-match' syntax seems to be an
> elegant and effective way to deal with it.

That would be the alternative. At least it makes it clear what the 
client wants, and doesn't require "or"ing three conditions just to make 
sure that it will work in any case.

If we can make this operator reasonably simple, would there be support 
for adding it as mandatory operator?


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