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RE: draft-reschke-webdav-search-05 - a few questions on the draft

From: Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 11:00:52 +0200
To: "yamuna prakash" <yamunap@hotmail.com>, <julian.reschke@gmx.de>, <www-webdav-dasl@w3.org>
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> Subject: RE: draft-reschke-webdav-search-05 - a few questions on the
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> Indeed I was mixing issues because my pitch was basically, if basic search
> required that the server be able to handle different property schemas in a
> single scope then the issues that crop up with multiple scopes would be
> same.

Well, I'd say there'll be more issues.

> From your mail I gather that this may not be the case.
> One of the issues you mention with multiple scopes is the fact that the
> persistence layers maybe different. However if I wonder how this would be
> different from a scenario wherein I had a symbolic link to a resource in a
> different persistence layer. I am assuming this is possible.

This is possible. The closest thing to a symbolic link in HTTP/WebDAV is a
"redirect reference resource" (the spec for which still is in draft state).
The SEARCH spec probably should say something about how it applies to
redirect refs, and the likely default will *not* to follow them

> I am not sure I follow your comment on the ability to specify any URI as
> scope but I am speculating that what you had in mind is that since we can
> specify any URI in the scope,  if multiple scopes are supported then these
> scopes may refer to different persistence layers and thus the issues you
> mention that crop up with the server having to talk to multiple
> persistence layers.


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