RE: comment on issues in DASL draft: truncation

> I agree that this could be useful, but I think this issue should be
> consolidated with issue JW5 (see below), which proposes that DASL
> basicsearch ought to have a way for client to request additional result
> sets.

I've been starting to think that the result from a SEARCH should be both the
requested results and a URL where the query results can be found later. It
would be tricky, but not impossible for a server to maintain these query
results for a small period of time, and would open up several possibilities,
such as requesting partial results via a GET range request, proxy caching of
query results, etc.  Servers could advertise the duration of the validity of
the response using HTTP caching headers.

Thoughts? Do I need to flesh this proposal out more?

- Jim

Received on Tuesday, 28 May 2002 20:49:58 UTC