Re: Preemption in Test 403c

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your explanation. Much clearer now.

So just to confirm, the transition attribute ``conf:targetfail=""`` in the
event1 transition of p0s3 is considered to specify a transition out of s0
(presumably into ``conf:fail``)?

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 10:42 AM, Jim Barnett <> wrote:

> The transition in P0s4 is a targetless transition, and thus has an empty
> exit set and does not conflict with any other transition. Therefore it is
> never preempted.   For the same reason, the transition in p0s1 is not
> preempted.
> The transition for event1 in p0s3 has a non-empty exit set (namely s0 and
> all its children), so it conflicts with and is preempted by the transition
> in p0s2.  For event2 the transtion in p0s3 also conflicts with the
> transition in p0s2, but in this case it does the preempting (since
> transitions in descendents preempt transitions in ancestors.)
> On 7/30/2014 10:09 PM, Markus Weiland wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can someone please explain, in test case 403c, why the transition for
>> "event1" is supposed to be preempted by p0s2 for the first transition in
>> p0s3, but is not supposed to be preempted for the same "event1" for the
>> catchall transition in p0s4?
>> In other words, what makes the transition in p0s3 different from the
>> transition in p0s4 so that it gets preempted? Also, for the sake of
>> understanding, is the transition for "event1" in p0s1 preempted?
>> Thank you
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> Jim Barnett
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