SCXML: the src attribute of invoke, invokeid targeting


thanks for the help with my previous issues. there is, however, more where those came from ;)

there seems to be some conflicting information about with which syntax to target invoked processes with send elements. in  the format #_invokeid is suggested, but it's unclear whether the underscore should be included or not. in the preferred approach is #_invoke_invokeid. 

in my implementation, <invoke id="i" /> can be reached through <send target="#i" />. simple enough, but it'd be good to know how it _should_ be. 

invoked scxml documents (linked to using the src attribute) could be fetched either asynchronously or synchronously. the standard offers no hints, so I assume you prefer the synchronous approach (which is fine for languages such as Python but not as fun in event-driven languages such as Actionscript). do you intend to leave the synchronicity of the src attribute open or will that be clarified in the standard? 

The scxml invoke type seems specifically for invoking external _documents_. are there any plans for invoking external SCXML processors (i.e documents that are being executed) as well, or is the preferred method of communication <send> with type scxml and target and http-enabled location? I ask, of course, because I've come across a need for invoking external processors and my implementation won't be compatible with any other processor than PySCXML as things now stand. 

thanks for your time,
Johan Roxendal

Received on Saturday, 15 January 2011 10:09:06 UTC