CCXML: VoiceXML dialog.transfer.complete's result type incorrect?

Hello www-voice,

I'm looking at  section D.9 
VoiceXML <transfer>/
It says that the dialog.transfer.complete should send the "results 
object with the value of the transfer field to be filled in"
to the dialog.

The CCXML example does *not* show an object for results:

<var name="results" expr="'near_end_disconnect'">

Looking over at VoiceXML, it only specifies the value of the transfer 
field to be a string, and the example shown
in CCXML is also a string(above).

We recommend removing "object" from the text of 
dialog.transfer.complete's result description. This will keep
the 3 things all consistent(VoiceXML's expectations, the CCXML wording, 
the CCXML example).


Chris Davis
Interact Incorporated R&D

Received on Monday, 16 August 2010 16:39:31 UTC