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Loquendo results for CCXML Implementation Report

From: Ricotti Laura <laura.ricotti@loquendo.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:01:23 +0200
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Hello www-voice,

Please find attached our CCXML implementation report.


Laura Ricotti, Loquendo

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As a leading player in the speech technologies and voice platform markets, Loquendo believes that the CCXML 1.0 Specification increases the possibilities for the development of a wide range of voice applications by simplifying and enhancing call control management. The availability of the CCXML standard completes the tremendous leap forward made by VoiceXML, and in general the Speech Interface Framework developed by the W3C Voice Browser working group, allowing a clear separation between service and control layers. CCXML 1.0 will further promote the creation of efficient and powerful voice applications and it will hopefully further boost the IVR market and speech market in general. Loquendo is delighted to contribute by submitting the CCXML 1.0 Implementation Report, which clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the CCXML specification. Loquendo will continue to strongly support the activities of the W3C Voice Browser and Multimodal Interaction as part of its commitment to actively contributing to the evolution of their standards. 


  - The Current CCXML Implementation Report Suite is very useful to demonstrate the implementability and the interoperability of CCXML 1.0.

  - It seems to Loquendo that some CCXML features at risk such as move element, join between dialogs, join between conferences and call transfer within conference should be considered to be removed from the CCXML specification to enforce interoperability.

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