July CCXML Implementation Report: 10_5_8: starting a dialog that is not joined to a connection or a conference

Hello www-voice,

In, 10_5_8, script 10_5_8_A.txml contains the following elements:

	<dialogstart dialogid="A859_dialogid1" src="'dialog.vxml'"/>

	<dialogstart dialogid="A859_dialogid2" src="'dialog.vxml'"/>

None of these elements joins the dialog to any connection or conference. 
According to the last version of the CCXML Specification <dialogstart> 
doesn't take connectionid from the event being processed and thus we are 
starting dialog that is not joined to any connection or conference. 
According to the specification, these dialogs must fail with an 
error.dialog.notstarted event generated.

We recommend to modify the code as follows:

	<dialogstart dialogid="A859_dialogid1" src="'dialog.vxml'"

	<dialogstart dialogid="A859_dialogid2" src="'dialog.vxml'"


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Received on Monday, 26 July 2010 11:26:28 UTC