July CCXML Implementation Report: 'dialog.user.test' missing required attributes in 7_2

Hello www-voice,

In 7_2, the 'dialog.user.test' event is rejected because it doesn't 
contain required attributes eventid, eventsource, and eventsourcetype 
(according to the CCXML specification, sections 9.4.2).

Section 9.1 states:

"Platforms SHOULD reject any standard events that do not contain all of 
the mandatory properties defined in this specification, and SHOULD 
notify the sender of the rejection (for instance with an error.send event)."

Who is responsible for inserting the required attributes in this case 
where the event is sent from a VoiceXML application using basichttp? I 
assume that it is responsibility of the VoiceXML application.

Please clarify and fix the test.


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Received on Monday, 26 July 2010 07:16:44 UTC